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Hop Caribbean is your definitive guide for the Caribbean for any type of travelers, ranging from casual holiday-makers to digital nomads. It will cover everything, from the most well known tourist attractions to the most remote and off the beaten path routes.
It provides impartial information on everything related to traveling in the Caribbean (itineraries, accommodation, transport) to make it easier for you to choose your own destination, itinerary or holiday. Everything on this site has been tested by me, Ibaia.
By sharing personal experiences and insights, Hop Caribbean provides advice and resources on local destinations and shows you how you can travel the Caribbean region cheaper, better and greener, whether you travel solo or not.

Responsible Travel

Travel can mean more than a bucket list, counting countries or having nice pictures for instagram. Travel can be a powerful way to develop personally but also to change our social, political, environmental and cultural perceptions and structures.
Hop Caribbean believes in the power of transformation and where there is a will there is a way. The aim is to show others how to travel responsibly, sustainably, differently and adventurously.
But mainly, this blog is about inspiration to get out of your comfort zone, follow your dreams and make those dreams come true.

Budget Travel & Ecotourism

in the Caribbean

The Caribbean region is very unique. Besides its mainland countries, it is made up of 7000+ islands that have no bus or train connecting them. There are no ferries between most islands either and flights are expensive. Cruises may be the cheapest transport option but are extremely polluting and are limiting.

The Caribbean isn’t cheap. Traveling the Caribbean islands by yourself on a budget is far more challenging than for example traveling to South East Asia or Latin America, in terms of logistics but also budget.

This uniqueness of the islands’ geography is translated into environmental fragility. Many of these islands are small and some have less than 3000 inhabitants but are visited by cruises with 5000 passengers.

Environmental sustainability in the Caribbean islands is more of a challenge than in other regions and so requires action.

On top of that, the Caribbean is dominated by all inclusive resorts and cruises, which are extremely polluting, resource intensive and of which the local population see few benefits back.

So what is the best way to travel the Caribbean?

How can Hop Caribbean help you?


I have had a lot of adventures during the 26 years that I have been traveling solo on and off. I have had amazing times but have also been scammed and had to even run for my life!

Through this site you will learn from my mistakes so that you don’t make the same mistakes I made.
Hop Caribbean provides practical advice and local tips that will help you have a cheap, easy, happy and smooth trip. This site will help you with:


✔  To travel your own way
✔  To live your dreams
✔  To create travel as a lifestyle


✔  How to organize yourself abroad, packing and costs

Choosing your Destination

✔  Find your perfect island or and itinerary in the Caribbean

Information about each Caribbean destination

✔  Reviews on accommodation, transport, food, money, things to see and do, when to go, etc


✔  How to get between islands and countries
✔  How to travel the Caribbean by yourself

Green Travel

✔  How to travel greener and more responsibly
✔  Help finding greener alternatives to the current tourism model in the Caribbean
✔  Show that ecotourism, green & sustainable travel is available at all budgets

Budget Travel

✔  How to travel more cheaply in a region that is rather expensive
✔  Help you decide which Caribbean destination will fit your budget and style of travel

Cultural Immersion

✔  Show the best off the beaten path destinations
✔  Go Local

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