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Who said the Caribbean is expensive and for the rich? Where there is a will there is a way and for every budget there is a way too in the Caribbean. You just have to know where and how. Hop Caribbean provide you with the best tips to have cheap Caribbean Holidays while supporting environmental conservation and Ecotourism.

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blue hole

The Blue Hole is normally something people dive instead of snorkel. I had seen videos of people diving the Blue Hole and it was all utter darkness and a small sharks in the distance. After seeing that I knew I did not want to dive it. Snorkeling it I saw...

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Travel Tips Belize – ATMs

After I had not been able to take money from any of the 4 ATMs at the airport, I finally found one in Ladyville. When that money finished I was in San Pedro. I went to an ATM on the main square and oh no! Again no money and the same error. I spoke to...

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Welcome to Hop Caribbean

Hi There! Welcome to Hop Caribbean! The blog to Travel the Caribbean: Cheaper, Greener and Independently Thank you very much for stopping by and welcome to my overseas adventure blog on Caribbean Travel. I wanted to make this blog 3 years ago, but I have just started...

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Belize Destinations

Check below the Things to Do in Belize, in WATER (swim, snorkel, sail) on LAND (hike, see ruins, caves, nature parks) or in URBAN areas.


Ambergris Caye (San Pedro)
Caye Caulker
Great Blue Hole
Shark Ray Alley
Lighthouse Reef (Half Moon Caye)
Glovers Reef
Turneffe Atoll
Tobacco Caye


Belize Zoo
Caves Nohoch Che’en 
Hummingbird Highway
Blue Hole Park
Toledo District (Tiger Cave)
Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Preserve
Mayflower Bocawina National Park


Belize City
San Ignacio


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