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Thank you very much for stopping by and welcome to my overseas adventure blog on Caribbean Travel. I wanted to make this blog 3 years ago, but I have just started it so I am super excited. I traveled all my life and since I am not in my 20’s, that adds up to at least 26 years of solo travel around the world.

Those are many years of travel experience which have helped me in all my journeys and adventures that I am confident will help you too. Today I am thrilled and ready for my new adventure. I am going to travel to each Caribbean island and mainland country in the Caribbean region. I love Caribbean culture, people, nature and the huge variety there is from one region to the next. I have already been in 6 Caribbean destinations and regard the Caribbean as my second home.

But this blog is not about me, it’s about you. This overseas adventure blog will help you with everything related to travels to the Caribbean, from inspiration to practical stuff.


Budget Travel in the Caribbean

How to travel cheaper in all Caribbean islands and countries, whether you are:
– on a 3 day vacation, a 3 week holiday or on a long term trip through the Caribbean region.
– traveling solo, in a couple or with your family.
– posh looking for luxury or a hippie wanting to assimilate into Caribbean culture.

What Caribbean destinations are the cheapest?
What activities are the cheapest in each Caribbean destination?
How to find the cheapest accomodation and hotels in the area?


Transport and Getting Around in the Caribbean

The time spent on actually getting from A to B on a trip can sometimes be many hours a day so it should not be overlooked. Choosing one means of transport over another determines not only the length of the trip and the cost but also the views you get, how comfortable and cozy it is, the people you meet, how safe it is, the food you eat and the places you see along the way.

It is vital to choose the right means of transport as it can totally break or make your Caribbean holiday. Sometimes the port or airport you arrive in itself alone is worth the trip. For example, landing in Montego Bay in Jamaica is such a beautiful bay seen from the plane, that it will WOW you for the rest of your life.

Nature and Ecotourism in the Caribbean

When going to any Caribbean destination you will find yourself face to face with nature. This can range from the beaches that most people visit during their trip to the Caribbean to the deepest jungle. Hop Caribbean will help you decide where to go by showing you:

Where are the best beaches in the Caribbean?
What are the best places to snorkel in the Caribbean?
What are the best places to scuba dive in the Caribbean?
What are the best places to hike in the Caribbean?
Where are the best nature parks and off the beaten path routes in the Caribbean?
Where are the most beautiful waterfalls and hot springs?

Hop Caribbean will also give tips on how to choose the most environmentally way of moving around and on finding ecotourism locations, lodges and activities! Nature is precious so we just want to leave footprints to conserve it for the future.


Caribbean Culture

The surface and populations of Caribbean destinations are not so large when compared to other regions in the world but Caribbean cultures are well known everywhere. The mix of ethnic groups ranges from the Caribs, Rastas of Jamaica, the Hispanic influence of Cuba, or the Kalinago which are indigenous Caribbean people.

When traveling, meeting people, seeing how they live and sharing the journey is one of the richest experiences. Join and explore the Caribbean with me! I love the Caribbean and would like more people to enjoy the amazing variety in nature, culture and things to see and do that the Caribbean region offers.

You don’t have to be rich to travel the Caribbean. Even with a low income you can create your own amazing Caribbean travel experiences. Contact me any time for questions or comments.

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